Kitten Keeps Attacking Older Cat -

07/09/2006 · Hi, i am at my wits end with my new kitten Louis who is about 5 months old, as he wont stop terrorizing my 8yr old cat Minnie. Minnie is very docile and loving and has never lashed out at anyone preffering to snuggle up on your lap instead, but since we have had our new kitten Louis he attacks her all the time, pouncing on her and biting her. Plenty of reasons exist why the junior cat in your household chases the senior cat. The younger cat may be aggressive or playful or something else. Regardless, you'll have to teach the younger to stop chasing the older. Otherwise you'll have hair flying and kitty brawls around every corner.

Is your older cat too feeble to defend himself? If not, don't worry about it. If older cat is annoyed by new cat, he will swat little cat firmly and that will be that. If older cat isn't happy with the new one, he will hiss/growl/swat at the littl. younger cat attacking older cat after 3 years. by jeanna imbesi aston, pa. I have a 9 year old tabby and a 3 year old tabby. yesterday after living together peacefully for 3 years. the younger cat started chasing older cat and attacking her, both hissing and growling, tails getting very large. older cat is. 26/12/2008 · I have a 6yr old sweet, well behaved female cat. This summer we found a little female kitten and took her in. She is now 6months old. My older cat was declawed when we adopted her, but we do not want to declaw our kitten. Our kitten is very playful and mischevious, and she loves pouncing on our older cat a few times a day. they hiss. 09/10/2006 · Should I punish my old cat when she terrorizes my new cat? This is part of the larger question of how do I stop my old cat from bullying my new kitten, despite my adherence to everything I've read about integrating the new kitten into my cat's kingdom.

You have the equivalent of a senior citizen who is used to a quiet life and a two-year old toddler running around and wanting to play. The toddler is not going to calm down and stop bothering the senior citizen, because she is full of baby play en. I adopted a kitten 3 months old and my other cat 9 months old keeps aggressively attacking him. He keeps biting the kitten on the neck and sometimes on the genitals and pinning him down. Please help, I want them to get along so I don't have to take the kitten back to the shelter, any tips would be extremely appreciated. If your kitten is becoming overly aggressive and biting or scratching you, it is important to stop this behavior as soon as possible. A nip or scratch from an 8-week-old kitten may seem cute, but the same behavior from an adult cat can be very painful. Never use your hands or feet as playthings for your kitten. 08/08/2007 · i had a new kitten yesterday female 12 weeks old, and i already have a 2 year old cat female. they obviously are not going to get on well at the moment until they get used to each other so they hiss and take swipes at each other, but my older cat keeps trying to grab my kitten round the throat with her mouth. is this normal/dangerous.

05/04/2008 · Help? I have just bought a new kitten home. My older female cat saw it and started attacking it. A lot of the advice on here seems to say let them get on with it and as soon as the baby screams the older cat will stop, I am too worried to let this happen. Older cat has been banished to the garden while i try and sort this out.

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